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Contribute to an Education Revolving fund that provide interest-free secondary school loan to low-income families keep their children in school to create equal opportunities for a prosperous future.

At Impertimus ,our passion for education meets the power of financial innovation

We are on a mission to break down financial barriers to learning, redefine access to education.

The cost of education, including tuition fees, books, uniforms, and transportation, often creates financial strain and unpredictability for families.Limited scholarship and bursary are their only options.

Here is the proven sustainable solution to finance education of their children.


The Education Revolving Fund offers Abaki shule plan (an Interest free school fees loan for secondary school program) a groundbreaking solution designed to empower families facing financial challenges. We are not just providing a loan; we are rewriting the narrative for students who would otherwise be held back by financial constraints. Our commitment extends beyond monetary assistance, we are advocating for changes and champions for every child’s right to quality education.
Here are some of students currently supported by the fund

Our Impact

Kenyan Shillings

Education Revolving Fund raised and paid as school fees.

school fees loan

  sent to school by the fund since 2021.

tution fees cost
50 %

Covered at the beginning of a new term.

School terms

Of uninterrupted learning for the supported students.

Every school fee loan received by a student from the Education Revolving Fund is contributed by individuals and organizations who believe in the collective good and the strength of our mission. As parents repays and access it again, it benefits more students creating a multiplying impact.

How it Works?

Step 1

Invest in student's education

Contribute once or multiple times to the Education Revolving Fund to cover tuition cost for a child for a term.

Step 3

Students in class

Students in class after tuition paid on time at the begin of the school term.

Step 4

Continuous Access

Parents pay back tuition after 6 months and access it again for subsequent terms enabling retention and school completion.

Step 5

Multiple Impact

As a revolving fund, your donation is recovered to pay for more students in future earning you a multiplied impact you can track.

Partner with us

Join our mission to keep 200 students in school this year. Your donation will cater for tuition cost and help the children enjoy uninterrupted learning process this year! 

About us

We are a for-impact social enterprise dedicated to ensuring access to quality education for school-going children in Kenya. Through crowdfunding, we address the pressing need for tuition assistance, inspired by the challenges we have witnessed in our community. Students spend 7 to 14 days out of school due to their parents' financial constraints. Join us in making a difference. With your support, we can enable students to stay in school, fulfill their dreams, and create positive change in struggling households. Together, let's empower the next generation through education.

Our Impact stories

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What parents say about our zero interest education loans and our process.
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