Abaki Shule Loan Feature 2

2️⃣We are lending at 0% (Zero percent/interest free) #abakishuleloans
This is yet another critical if not the most impressive feature of the ABAKI SHULE INITIATIVE.
The cumulative cost of education(tuition fees, stationery, transport and others) is very high to most willing to pay parents and guardians. In addition to termly tuition fees required off their income, parents and guardians continuously contend with other basic household necessities to keep their homes running. Needless to say that any cost burden removed from these households is a saving that is quickly transferred to serve another basic need. This is why the ABAKI SHULE LOAN was envisaged to become the MOST affordable financing option, giving reprieve to the highly need constrained incomes of its beneficiaries.
We are able to offer the ABAKI SHULE LOAN as an interest free loan facility through a REVOLVING FUND supported locally by would be fundraisers who have shifted their support approach to this new model.
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