Abaki Shule Loan Feature 4

4️⃣ Loan issued = 100% fees required in the term #ZeroBalance
We have achieved unique results by providing loans equal to the sum owed to schools by our beneficiaries in a term.
Here are the highlights of this offer to our beneficiaries:
* Immediate TOTAL relief #lipafeepolepolebilaSTRESS
* No “DOUBLE DEBT”. Parents or guardians do not worry anymore about obligations owed to school.
Once ABAKI SHULE loans reach schools, their obligation is to repay the advanced amount to Impertimus ONLY.

The opposite of this is seen in ‘quick loan solutions’ which leave parents struggling to repay loans issued by providers on one end and schools on the other in order to clear balances not covered by loans taken in the first place.

This is unfortunate for households whose income is limited, need constrained and have to face constant shift in priority of allocation.

The challenge of loans that are less than what schools require in a term can be summed up by this: “When the lender’s payments are due and schools demand unpaid balances, who does the parent prioritize?”

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