A lot of vigor, spirit and everything energetic! Our inaugural mentorship activity was both fun and informative. Well timed for our loan beneficiaries.

We conduct termly mentorship sessions for all the students who are recipient of ABAKI SHULE loans.

For our April 2024 mentorship session, we had 26 students from the Mavueni, Sokoni area in Kilifi north. Our core facilitator was Mutinda Mwende from Education Empowerment Initiative took our scholars through the following topics:

1). General education.

2) Sex education.

Coupled with real life to help stories students understand and grasp the reality of their lives.

Ms. Mwende emphasized on the 5 P’s that the students should consider in their academic Journey.



She guided them on how to make a good timetable combined with a realistic goal setting for every subject. She emphasis having a group discussion with focus student and liken it to a human hand each finger represents a student who are bright on different subject if they come together, they can help each other and become strong.

On sex education, she pointed out that though teenagers portray boy-girl relationship to have some benefits most of the time they end up misleading each other and most of the times girls find themselves at a disadvantage if they get pregnant.

The students were guided on proper time management, Self-control and confidence in their daily life in order to excel. They were encouraged to focus on study and work smart for a bright future that they all are longing for because once time pass, they can’t undo what is done.


It was an insightful and impact-full session, and we hope there will be an improvement in their lives and academic this new term.

We look forward for the August mentorship session where we will include several speakers and interesting activities.


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