Chama (Saving group) for Education cost.

Impertimus started its mission in 2018 to equip parents and guardians from low income households with financial skills and tools to educate their children with ease. We enable parents to plan in advance and meet the costs involved during transition of their children from primary to secondary school levels. Transition can be very costly, especially when post primary education involves joining a boarding secondary school. Parents incur costs on new school supplies such as mattresses, uniforms, books, metal box and other personal items plus term one tuition fees. Currently, the reported average transition costs into secondary schools is around Kshs 40,000. It is this high amount that parents from poor households, who struggle to meet recurrent household demands, fail to raise in time forcing children to join school late or worse not join at all.

Most parents find themselves short of financies when it comes to taking children to secondary school during the first year.Impertimus sensitize parents and guardians to form Local Parents Chama with focus on saving for transition education cost of their children. Our offer exists solely to solve transitional challenge as the primary goal and a secondary intention of catering for subsequent tuition fees. This is to say, impertimus seeks to ensure candidates join their next level of education with the least /minimal or no financial struggle at all. The education saving plan, Impertimus advocates considers the level of income of the parents, household needs, dependent’s other needs and possible risks and challenges of commitment savings. To make it affordable and easy for parents to save for the transition needs of their children, parents are to set a target, avails a range of target amount a parent can comfortably adjust to given unavoidable changes in their income and set frequency of contribution that is weekly, biweekly or monthly. Here is a simple saving plan a parent can use to save for the transition cost.

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