Confidence in an Ideology – How do we become timeless?

(In the midst of #COVID19)
It is easy to lose sight of the vision as a #socialenterprise
It is easy lower down the tools and #Wait
It is easy to think and feel #powerless
It is easy to… (Put what you’re facing here – we all are facing something)
Working from home, brought us to a moment of self-reflection i.e
=What do we stand for?,
=What do we want to achieve?
=Who are we serving again?
=What? When? Where? Why? How?
(I bet you also came down to these questions whether in your home or the workplace)
As an emerging #financial social enterprise, the #pandemic gave us an opportunity to revise our #ideology behind everything we seek to do at Impertimus Education Investment.
We accept the new normal, not to cripple us but build a stronger will in us.
Below is our IDEOLOGY. Have you found yours? Please DO NOT step out without one, whether it is a personal mantra or an ideology like ours. You’ll need it!
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