Creative Writing Session in Olivine Academy

In 2022, we had the privilege of conducting our creative writing session in Olivine school in Mombasa. This come when the director of Olivine Academy, Dr. Oliver saw social media posts of African Storybook activities on our social media.
We had a meeting on how we can conduct the Creative Writing session in her school.
She had tried different apps to engage and encouraging the pupils and her staff to embrace reading and writing but was not successful.  We did a school assessment on what gadgets were available including computers, and tablets. At that time, they had 20 tablet and 1 digital tv which could not support either downloading the African Storybook apps or upload the downloaded African Storybooks pdf which we use for our writing sessions.  We did a pilot of creative writing session with one class of 14 pupils.
Early 2023, we did conduct the creative writing sessions for 95 pupils from grade 3 to grade 7. Currently each grade has 2 classes per week for African storybook activities.
 To ensure continues use of African Storybook and support for students writing process, the teachers were trained on the 2 main African storybook tools (Reader and Maker applications) to the teachers for future use in classrooms. 
The pupils have for far publish a number of stories using the maker app and currently writing more books under their writers’ club.
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