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"It is so exciting to see the impact we have made over the years in our digital literacy promotion. What started as a safe space for 40 children to learn how to read has spread to over a thousand children across Kilifi."

Limited access to learning materials is among the top factors causing poor learning outcomes among children in Kilifi at both primary and secondary school levels. Children have access to a limited number of reading materials in schools being in big ratios of 1:20 in packed classrooms of 70 to 100 children both in primary and secondary schools. Since most of the population is poor, access to reading material at home is not a priority therefore home learning is almost nonexistent.

Since 2018, Impertimus has stepped up efforts to cultivate the reading culture among young learners in Kilifi. The initial program towards improved literacy levels was launched in Kibaoni primary school in Kilifi North Constituency as a weekly reading program with 40 learners from class 5 to 7. Out of the program, Impertimus was able to come up with various literacy programs running in different schools and community in partnership with our literacy partner African Storybook since 2020.

Our Literacy Programs


Learner Led Reading Clubs

Reading Clubs consist of 40 to 100 learners.

Children meet for session (usually 1 hour) for Club activities ranging from spelling ,vocabularies mind games ,reading aloud or group reading.

Impertimus‘ involvement is in the initial formation process and occasional session visits to monitor their progress with assistance of a club patron who is a teacher in the school.

Children have access to 1000 plus storybooks written in not only the English language but also vernacular from African storybook.

This program is limited ONLY by availablity of electricity and digital gadgets such as laptops and tablets in a school.


Children Directly Impacted


Children Indirectly Impacted


Schools Reached


Reading and Writing Sessions

In 2021, Impertimus and African Storybook entered a partnership to advance digital literacy using the African storybook pre-downloaded books ,Reader and Maker applications in schools and local libraries in Kilifi county.

Our reading and writing program aims to teach children on how to read stories, create and publish their own storybooks using the African storybook maker app. Together with our partners, Moving the Goalpost, KNLS Kilifi and Dzitsoni branch we have been able to conduct reading and writing sessions in schools and libraries. This has unleashed the creative writing capacity in children from Kilifi in a fun and memorable way


Storybooks Created


Storybooks Published on African Storybook Website

Take a look at our digital partners

Impertimus do this amazing work with the following partners in Kilifi. Our partners includes KNLS Kilifi branch, Dzitsoni Branch and Malindi branch, Moving the Goal post, Sport Connect Foundation and Neema Foundation.


Children's Testimonials

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