Education Revolving Fund Parent Testimonial-Cicilia Zawadi

Cecilia Wesonga, a mitumba trader in Kilifi town was able to retain her daughter in secondary school after obtaining an education loan from Impertimus Education Investment. The mother of two says she had completely lost hope of keeping her daughter in school after her small business of retailing second hand clothes came to a standstill thanks to the Covid 19 restriction measures that were in force nationwide. The Covid-19 pandemic containment measures were eased, however, a great damage to the business had already occurred. It was during this time of uncertainty when her daughter Peninah was to go back to school in Butula girls high school, in Busia County. She says it was a struggle between taking her daughter to school and reviving her business as well as meeting other basic needs.

“It was during this time when I approached Impertimus education investment. The director Beatrice Kache was more than glad to listen my case, and she took me through their vetting process where I qualified for a loan.”

Cecilia Wesonga says she received her first loan of Ksh. 10,000 almost immediately which she used to pay for school fees for her daughter.

“If it were not for that loan, and other subsequent loans from Impertimus Education Investment, my daughter would not have been in school. I am more than glad as she now completed her Kenya certificate of secondary school education (KCSE), and she is waiting for her university placement. I am not worried because Impertimus Education investment can still offer education loans to help cater for some of her university bills”,she says.

Impertimus Education Investment has been instrumental in assuring retention of students in school by offering education loans to parents who face hardship in paying full school fees for an academic term for their children, as it might be required by the institutions.

Beatrice Kache who is a co-founder and the organization’s director said the organization was started to bridge the gap left by school bursaries from the government and sponsorships which do not last throughout the education journey of the student.

“The available support to parents in educating their children are full scholarship for top students, bursaries and well-wisher’s contributions. These are not inclusive since they do not support all students and also they hardly cover all the education cost. Impertimus exist to cover this gap by providing an inclusive community driven financial option for parents to educate their children by repurposing savings in Chamas done for business,” she said.

Impertimus works closely with individual well-wishers, contribution and donor groups to support parents keep their children in school for whole academic journey.

In its first five years of operation, Impertimus education investment has been working in a mutual partnership with parents by advising an early savings scheme which see parents pay school fees for their children with much easy.


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