Keep a child in class Again and again

Fund the  Education Revolving fund that provides interest-free secondary school fees loan that helps low-income families keep their children in school.

Education is the surest way out of poverty

However, education cost is the second largest expense in Kenyan households, with parents spending 40-60% of their income on it.

The cost of education, including tuition fees, books, uniforms, and transportation, often creates financial strain and unpredictability for families.Limited scholarship and bursary are their only options.

75% of Parents lack FUNDS to meet the education cost on a consistent basis as required by the school according to their income cashflow, which results in inconsistent school attendance and high dropout rates.

We Provide

Education Revolving Fund

A locally established pool of funds.

Made available to parents/guardians as ZERO interest school fee loans which is sent directly to school at the beginning of every term.

Parent can access it throughout their child’s secondary school education allowing them to cover other expenses while ensuring their child’s continued education.

The Education Revolving Fund is contributed by pro local community resilience individuals and entities called IMPACT PARTNERSS

Your Role as An Impact Partner

YOU play a crucial role in supporting students and their families by contributing funds to meet educational costs.

Your contributions can support more than 1 student through school creating a multiple impact

Your contribution is sustainable since the parents can access it after repayment keeping children in school

Grow and track your impact which include number of children supported, their progress and repayment over time.

Join our mission to keep children in school

Your contribution will directly impact the lives of these children, creating a positive ripple effect that will benefit their future and contribute to the betterment of society. Together, we can build a brighter future through education. Join us today and be a part of transforming lives through quality education. Together, we can make a lasting impact

Here are some of the students the fund is keeping in school

Whose parents are small business owners or casual labors

With daily income of 2-7 USD.
Parents undergo 3 steps to access the Education Revolving Fund

Vetting and financial literacy

Parents go through education and financial assessment to determine the level of education need ocst and ability to pay coupled with financial literacy training .

Chama (Saving groups) for Education

With simple saving plans and school fees goal for every parent, saving for education become realistic using local saving groups(Chamas)

Funds are sent directly to school

At the begin of every school term, the Education Revolving fund pays school fees for ongoing and new students.

What parents say about our zero interest education loans and our process.
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Kenyan Shillings

Education Revolving Fund raised and paid as school fees.


 Paid to school by the fund since 2021.

tution fees cost
50 %

Covered at the beginning of a new term.

School terms

Of uninterrupted learning for the supported children.

Our Impact stories

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