How is Impertimus helping parents meet the transition cost of their children joining secondary school

The transition rate between primary and secondary school levels stands at 85% in Kenya today. While this represents the country’s success in improving access to education, the remaining 15% is largely contributed by poor families who cannot afford the required upfront costs to enable their children join secondary school.

The transition challange

Transition can be very costly, especially when post primary education involves joining a boarding secondary school. Parents incur costs on new school supplies such as mattresses, uniforms, books, metal box and other personal items plus term one tuition fees.

Currently, the reported average transition cost into secondary schools is around $400(Ksh 48,000 ) or more. It is this high amount that parents from poor households, who struggle to meet recurrent household demands, fail to raise in time forcing children to join school late or worse not join at all.

The solution

We enable parents to plan in advance and meet the costs involved during transition of their children from primary to secondary school levels. The AENDE SHULE PLAN is an income based saving model that targets parents with children in classes 4,5,6,7 and 8 to commit at least 5% of their average weekly income (lower limit at Kshs 100) towards the transition of their children for a period not less than 1 year. Through Community and school meetings , Impertimus sensitize parents to form Local Parents Chamas with focus on saving for transition education cost of their children.

The pool of funds created in the Chamas aim to make a smooth transition of a child from primary level to secondary school to cater for fees, joining requirements such as school uniforms, stationary and bedding helping the parents able to meet their cost of share of educating their child in their first year in secondary school


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