Mungano women group

photo of parent with children in uniform

who they are


type of work they do

number of members 

how long they have existed and are they registered or not


number of children

form of education

academic performance yearly 

number of days spent home for school fees

type of school

what are we supporting

Tuition fees required  average tuition fees per child 

micro enterprise loan size required 

any other support required

What impact we expect

 short term impact in a year

95% attendance in school for a whole year

school performance 


long term impact in 4 years 

income increase

95% completion of school

SDGs we are supporting

Where your donation goes

Tuition fees


number of children and average tuition cost

Micro enterprise support to parents


average loan size and number of parents who need it

3rd party payment processing fee


percentage of the total amount of the support

Suggested donation to help Impertimus keep more children in school


You can support our work

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