About the Education Fund

Most frequent questions and answers

Education fund refers to the funds collected via Impertimus crowdfunding platform which include donations from individuals, groups and institutions for the purpose of financing the education cost of the vetted children listed on Impertimus website.

The Education Fund is a revolving fund which is access by low income parents to pay for tuition cost of their children at the beginning of an academic term with optional repayment periods of 6 months without interest. Attached to this Education Fund are support programs such as termly mentorship sessions to the students focusing on Academic prowess, Reproductive and Mental health challenges as well as Entrepreneurship and Technology. Providing these additional services ensures that our investment in their education realizes the best results and students graduate with basic qualities to successfully venture in a rapidly evolving society.

1. A Child and his/her parents from low income household in need of tuition fees undergo a vetting and verification process.

2. Individuals, groups and institutions contribute to the child’s tuition fees cost requirement which is sent directly to the school account of the children when fully funded.
3. The child’s parents repay the amount within flexible repayment period. Upon repayment, the parent can access the funds again to cover next term or academic year tuition fees required until the child complete school

  1. Referral agent network. Impertimus works with other organizations and local contact persons in the community who refer children and Parents.
  2. Partnership with local Chama (Saving groups) 
To make it more affordable to low income parents to access the Education Fund, we only charge a service fee of Ksh 500($5) to cater for verification process and transaction cost.

Each parent undergo financial check to determine the ability to pay back. In case of unavoidable circumstances that affect the parents payment ability after accessing the funds, we customize flexible payment plans to accommodate the parent’s income flow.

About your donation

Most frequent questions and answers

The minimum amount you can donate is Ksh 2500 (25USD). We believe Ksh 2500 is a meaningful amount to support a child n school and make a huge impact in a child’s education cost.


The following are they  ways you can donate.


Bank’s Name: Co-operative Bank

Bank’s Branch: Kilifi Branch

Branch Code: 00011108


Account No: 01134779584000



Click on the Find a child to support or Donate Now button

 Your donation will be sent schools to cover the tuition cost of the children.

We are asking for 10% of your donation to help us reach more children and parents as well as encourage more people to join our community of people and institutions who support education. 

Every term you will receive impact report that shows the number of children your donation has supported overtime, the repayment progress.

Fund administration

Most frequent questions and answers

All Impertimus work is checked and verified  by an established  community  oversight who verify all the information and accounts.


Impertimus Education Investment is registered as a Community Based Organization and was vetted by the Locational Area Advisory Council in Kilifi. 

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