happy new year 2020

2019 has been a great year for Impertimus Education Investment. Special thanks to our mentors, Mativo Jonathan, Safari Ngowa and Vanni Kimemia, we are indebted to your support and belief in us. Through you, Impertimus is building a name and meeting it’s objectives in the County education fraternity. Again we are very grateful. 

To our program partners, Pathways Leadership For Progress, you have been an eye opener and launched our first impact program in the community, all the mothers and daughters who have benefited from your intervention are a testimony to your commitment to empower the African woman. 

Thank you. To Akili Dada, you saw a promise in us and chose to walk with us, we are very humbled and to our investors and future partners, Impertimus is stepping in 2020 with a commitment to continue nurturing what started as a seed of change in our education space. 

We definitely will be remiss if we do not recognise our loyal customer this year, Magason Wande, you are a proof of the possibility that Impertimus is creating a sustainable approach to meet education finance needs. 


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