Based in Kilifi, we focus our efforts to bridging the transition gap between Primary and Secondary school education in Kilifi as well as retention. We understand the challenges that majority of households are facing to educate their children in Kenya among them being:

  • Competing recurrent household demands against meager earnings in challenged families
  • Large number of dependents leading to insufficiency of incomes earned to fend for all
  • Limited or partial support from public and private sector entities leaving heads of households stuck with more costs to cover.

As such, Impertimus is offering a holistic approach in addressing financial needs in education by;

  • Re-positioning education in the hierarchy of needs among Kenyan households – giving it the weight it deserves
  • Enhancing the ability of heads of families to finance education among other basic needs through our interventive business programs and specifically designed loan products
  • Availing an easy to use and and low cost saving platform suitable for all
  • Centering business undertaking around education
  • Engaging partners to enhance efforts of parents geared towards educating their children

Designed in a co-relating framework as products and programs, Impertimus provides inter-related solutions to enable parents/guardians significantly improve their household incomes to educate their children.


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