Nurturing Excellence with Abaki Shule Students Mentorship

Abaki Shule Achievement for Term 1 2024.

Celebrating 6 Years Anniversary

Abaki Shule Loan Feature 4


Abaki Shule Loan Features 3

Abaki Shule Loan Feature 2

Abaki Shule Loan Features

Revolutionizing Education Financing: Impertimus’ Innovative Approach.

Why is the Education Revolving Fund Repayable?

Education Revolving Fund Parent Testimonial-Cicilia Zawadi

The Education Revolving Fund

Key Questions that guides Impertimus Vision.

Happy New Year 2022

WE are Supporting Human Capital Index by World Bank.

Now In The UK – Kenya Tech Hub

Entrepreneur of the Year Awards Nominee (Top35under35 – Kenya)

Confidence in an Ideology – How do we become timeless?

happy new year 2020

Chama for Education Cost: Success Story

Chama (Saving group) for Education cost.

What inspires the founders?

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