Key Questions that guides Impertimus Vision.

As we celebrate 5 years since the inception of Impertimus, our story of change has always been based on the following Key Questions.

  1. How do we help parents educate their children with ease?
  2. How do we ensure #100%transition of children from primary school to secondary school?
  3. What things do children for transition? Books, uniform, school fees and other items. How much do they cost? Are parents #preparedfinanciallyto meet these costs?
  1. For #schoolretention, how much does a household need to retain their children throughout their academic journey of 4 years in secondary school? Keeping in mind most of parents Impertimus works with have 2 or 3 children in secondary school. How much they need per academic year or term to ensure children do not spend time home because of unpaid school fees? What do children need in order to stay in school to achieve their dreams?
  1. What support is available to help parents educate their children? The available options are #fullscholarshipfor top students, #bursaries and #wellwisher’s contributions.  Are the above solutions #inclusive? Do they support all students regardless of their marks? Do they cover all the education cost?

Impertimus exist to cover this gap by providing an #inclusivecommunitydriven #financialoption for parents to educate the children.

Impertimus is #repurposing savings in Chama done for business to #education for parents to save for transition cost.

Impertimus is #repurposing well-wisher contribution and donations, group contributions to support education for just one term to a #revolvingfund available to help the parent keep their children in school for whole academic journey.


Yes, our solution has evolved over time since we started but the above questions keep guiding Impertimus’ vision.

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