The reading campaigns support our efforts to improve literacy levels outside the school environment to a child. These campaigns utilize the digital model as employed in the reading clubs – where content is stored in school owned digital gadgets, but in this case using a parent’s digital device for a child to read from home.


Our first reading campaign was a three-week long reading challenge (conducted in April 2021) dubbed the READ FOR FOOD CHALLENGE. This was a weekly food award program participated by 10 young learners in grades 4, 5 and 6 coming from homes struggling to put food on the table from the effects of the COVID 19 pandemic. Children received an award of a food pack for the family at the end of every week after an assessment on books read provided by the challenge.

This way, we were able to creatively bring food to the families as well as keep children engaged and improve literacy levels while schools remained closed in the period.

The use of parents’ digital devices in facilitating reading for their children in order to participate in this challenge was a powerful way of challenging sustained limiting attitudes and cultural beliefs and practices that do not support learning from home for children in our community.

The reading challenge was a great success proving that efforts to advance literacy can succeed from a household level given the right motivation and support where necessary to cultivate lasting behaviors. The parents whose children participated in this challenge continued to avail their smartphones for their children’s reading needs even after the challenge period elapsed

 In the last #READ4FOOD Challenge, we worked with 10 children of age 8 to 15 years, providing a total 40 food packs in the 4 weeks and supported an average of 80 household members in 10 households.


We are so excited to see how the #READ4FOODCHALLENGE unfold. One book at a time, creating reading moments, Building reading culture

This year, Impertimus we are a small a number to reach more children with #READ4FOOD Challenge.

YOU can hosting #READ4FOOD challenge in your community. The awards can be simple anything that will motivate children to read.


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