Nurturing Excellence with Abaki Shule Students Mentorship

We believe that financial support is just one piece of the puzzle when it comes to nurturing students success, especially in Kilifi county.
Why Mentorship Matters:
1️⃣Mentorship plays a critical role in the effective growth and excellence of students. Beyond academic knowledge, students need guidance to navigate the complexities of their educational journey and personal development.
2️⃣ Research shows that mentorship can significantly impact a student’s academic performance and personal development. It provides a support system that helps students stay motivated, engaged, and focused on their goals.
Key aspects of our the ABAKI SHULE Mentorship program:
✓Holistic Development: Our mentorship program covers a wide range of topics, from academic support and career guidance to personal development and emotional resilience.
✓Skill Building: Our interactive workshops intend to help students develop critical skills such as effective communication and problem-solving.
✓Positive Role Models: We are striving to provide our students with positive role models through our network of individual partners to offer our students inspiration and encouragement.
While we are still in the early stages of this program, we want to AMPLIFY the critical role that mentorship will contribute to the success of the entire ABAKI SHULE school fee loans program. We are pursuing the mentorship program with EQUAL significance as our investment in the ABAKI SHULE school fee loans.
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