Our Success Story.


Our solution is making an impact in the lives of parents and children, one by one. Access to quality education as a right, should by all means, be secured by everyone in the community. 

Our efforts to empowering parents with financial skills and capabilities to educate their children are bearing fruits.

Meet Josephine Juma, one of our beneficiaries who has now joined St. Lawrence’s Nzui Girls, after scoring 341 marks in her K.C.P.E exams 2019.

Prior to that, her mother Clemence Kilelu, joined our movement, to start planning for her child’s future education. The amount she had saved plus the little loan we gave her enabled her to do school shopping and cater for transport for Josephine to join secondary school.

These are the efforts parents can start, to educate their Children. 

We are the solutions to the problems we face. 

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