Partnership with Neema Foundation

Neema Foundation is a faith-based organization was registered in 2020 to serve the community of Matane Mane with affordable health services, education and youth empowerment programs. One of its program is running reading clubs and literacy combined with feeding program in schools around the area. Neema Foundation is looking forward to opening its own Community library on its site.
Neema foundation was referred to me through the CEC for Education and ICT Ms Clara Chonga as we have similar interests and agenda literacy promotion in Kilifi county. Dr. Kamuche Kea-Sadik the founder of Neema foundation was interested to know how African storybook can come in to support and add the books in their upcoming library in Matano Manne, Ganze sub-county in Kilifi.
We shared what African storybook website and apps has done and how our activities have reached different schools in Kilifi County by uploading African storybook downloaded books in the school tablets.  
Out of the meeting, we agree to support their reading activities by providing downloaded African storybook in the schools they have activities in. These are Misufini primary school,Ziwani primary school and Mwarandinda primary school located in Matano Manne.
On May 10th 2023,we had the opportunity to visit the organization site area and reached Misufini primary school where we launched a reading club. 766 African storybook and 120 book volumes of the same were uploaded onto 20 of the school tablets that are currently been used by the school and Junior Secondary school to improve their literacy levels. The reading club was formed with 150 children enrolled and are meeting every Friday since May 10th 2023.

We are planning for another date to reach the other two schools and  also looking to find a way of using African storybook to a deaf school in Kibarani in Kilifi. We are still at the consulting stage with an officer from social services in Kilifi.

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