#Read for Food challenge

Cultivating a reading culture in children is not only part of school activities. involving family in nurturing reading culture can promote learning outcomes in the long run.

 #READ4FOOD CHALLENGE is a weekly food award challenge participated by young learners from homes struggling to put food on the table from the effects of the pandemic.

 Children receive an award of food pack for the family at the end of every week after an assessment on books read during the challenge. 

Impact of #READ4FOOD Challenge

We have been able to creatively bring food to the families as well as keep children engaged and improve literacy levels while schools are closed.

 In the last #READ4FOOD Challenge, we worked with 10 children of age 8 to 15 years, providing a total 40 food packs in the 4 weeks and supported an average of 80 household members in 10 households.

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