Revolutionizing Education Financing: Impertimus’ Innovative Approach.

In Kenya, thousands of children from economically
disadvantaged households are deprived of education due to
financial barriers. Impertimus, a pioneering organization, is
transforming the education landscape by providing zero interest school fee loans to these students. By addressing the
core challenges of capital risk, affordability, and access, Impertimus is making education accessible to those who need
it the most.

Navigating Challenges: Redefining Possibilities

Impertimus understands the risks associated with lending to economically disadvantaged households. By implementing rigorous background checks, utilizing a novel credit scoring mechanism, and employing group access for loan dispersal, Impertimus has successfully reduced capital risk. This approach has led to an impressive 85% loan recovery rate, ensuring sustainable support for future generations. 

To enhance affordability, Impertimus offers school fee loans at 0% interest, alleviating the burden on economically disadvantaged families. The organization charges only a standard loan service fee and a monthly group maintenance fee, significantly lower than the costs imposed by other financial providers. This groundbreaking approach ensures that education remains within reach for these households.

Bridging the Access Gap: Empowering Communities

Impertimus has revolutionized access to education finance through a combination of human and computer-assisted user engagement. Loan applications can be completed online or with the assistance of agents in the community, making it easy for different users to access the much-needed financial support. This user-centric approach empowers families to navigate the loan application process seamlessly, bringing education finance to the grassroots level.

A Community of Impact Investors: Joining Forces for Change

Impertimus’s innovative model of raising capital sets it apart from traditional approaches. The organization has established a community of local impact investors, comprising individuals and organizations who provide financial support through a crowdfunding model. These funds directly increase the loan capital, while a 10% management fee supports operational costs. This collaborative approach ensures a sustainable and scalable solution to education financing.

Addressing the Social Problem: Transforming Lives, One Student at a Time

Impertimus’s work addresses the pressing social problem of a large number of children being out of school in Kenya. With nearly 1.8 million children out of school and parents struggling to meet education expenses, Impertimus’s zero-interest school fee loans enable economically disadvantaged households to keep their children in secondary schools consistently. By reducing the number of days children spend at home waiting for unpaid school fee balances, Impertimus mitigates the risk of poor academic performance, early pregnancies, marriages, and substance abuse

Future Impact and Scalability: Shaping a Transformed Educational Landscape

Impertimus’s strategy for scaling impact involves forging strategic partnerships with local organizations, government bodies, and financial providers. Through these collaborations, Impertimus aims to expand its reach nationwide, finance more individuals, introduce new education finance products, and establish strong partnerships beyond Kenya’s borders. In five to ten years, Impertimus envisions a transformed education landscape, where more economically disadvantaged students have the opportunity to pursue their educational aspirations and build a brighter future.


Conclusion: Join the Movement for Change

Impertimus’s groundbreaking approach to education financing is revolutionizing lives and opening doors of opportunity. By minimizing risk, enhancing affordability, bridging access gaps, and engaging impact investors, Impertimus is driving lasting change. You can be part of this transformative journey too. Join Impertimus in their mission to empower economically disadvantaged students by becoming an impact investor or spreading the word about their innovative solutions. Together, we can unlock the true potential of education and create a brighter future for all. Visit Impertimus’s website to learn more and join the movement today.

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