Open to all members under the Impart-Edu-Savings platform

At the heart of Impertimus is the commitment to assist the parent/guardian educate their child even when their cumulative savings and other additional resources are not enough to cater for the transition costs upon maturity of their account.

Done in partnership with donor organizations/well-wishers and public/private entities, the initiative offers help in the following ways;

  • Partial scholarships(Bursary commitments, top up funding, transition materials and any other)
  • Full scholarships
  • Revolving Fund( an interest free education loan payable on flexible terms in a period of 6 to 11 months after child joins school)


Impertimus does not guarantee immediate access to the benefits above.

Support rendered is fully based on the variety of qualifying criteria used by our partners against the circumstances of need.

This is NOT an entitlement

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