The Education Revolving Fund

The Education Revolving Fund under Imperrtimus is a sustainable Tuition fund pool that is accessible to parents throughout the education lifetime of the child in secondary school offered by Impertimus. The parents access the funds as a #zerointerest school fees loan paid to school at the beginning of term or academy year keeping children in school, covering 80% of the tuition cost with a repayment period of 6 months. Upon repayment the parent can access it again to cover the subsequent academic years of the child. This enable access, retention and school completion.

Our education revolving fund is a collaboration between parents, children and people who want to help them in a sustainable way.


The collaboration happens in two steps.

The vetting of parents and children. This helps for the parents to know the total education cost he /she is required to meet in educating his or her children in the secondary school journey as well as plan on how to start saving towards the education cost of the children who will be transiting from primary to secondary school.

From this the parent is able forecast the education cost and how to meet it. The parent is fully aware of the responsibility her or he has.

In meeting the education cost, most parents pay school fees in installments but school administration requires full term fees at the start of the term resulting to children sent home because of unpaid school fees.

Children spend 3 to 14 days out of school waiting for the installment of payment that the parent will get hold of to pay and return to school. 

The education Revolving fund comes in to help the parents meet the cost at the begin of the term.


The second step of the collaboration, the Education Revolving fund funded by people who wants to see children stay in school this enables parents to access the fund as zero interest school fee loan to pay school fees at the beginning of the term resulting in a child staying in school.  The parent can pay back in installments and access it for the next term or academic year to keep the child in school.

By funding the Education Revolving Fund as:

Friends of Impertimus  a passionate and dedicated group of monthly givers on a mission to keep children in school by contributing Ksh 500(5 USD) and above to the fund.

Fund Champion -committed individuals who want to create a legacy impact by contributing Ksh 10,000(100 USD) and above towards school fees of 1 or more children.

Fund Partner – a group, organization and company who want to create community impact by contributing ksh 50,000(500 USD) and above in funds, in kind or CSR program.

You are helping a parent meet the education cost with ease. This ensure that a child join school, stay in school and achieve their dreams

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