Using the Reader and Maker apps in 3 libraries in Kilifi in 2023

Out of last year implementation of piloting African storybook apps reader and maker app with children, teachers and libraries, we were able to reach 200 children and 30 books publish on the African storybook maker app. We worked with children in KNLS Kilifi branch and Silala and Mwaemba primary schools in Ganze under Move the Goalpost field schools.

 For Kilifi library we did hold reading and writing sessions on Saturdays since most of the children are available during weekends on Saturday in the afternoon and a 3-day writing and reading sessions during the school holiday. This year we are targeting to reach 150 children by holding reading and writing sessions during half term and school holidays to reach good number of children and consistence in the library.


As for the schools under MTG education program, this year we will work with the 3 last schools reaching 150 children. The schools include Makuhenga primary school, Bahati primary school and Matsangoni Primary school.


This year we are including Dzitsoni community library in the Piloting of ASB tools in Kilifi county. Dzitsoni serve 5 schools whose children access the library resources on regular basis. With the help of the librarian in charge Mr Ngala, we will reach the following school; Dzitsoni Primary school, Kisoeni Primary school, Bungu primary school, Dunguni primary school and Mtondani primary school.

This year we are looking forward for enjoyable reading and writing sessions and showcasing interesting stories that children will create.


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