What inspires the founders?

Growing up amidst the challenges of accessing quality education in Kenya, the co-founders of Impertimus Education Investment, Katama and Beatrice, were driven to create a solution.


Their personal experiences shaped their vision and ignited their passion for transforming the education landscape.

Katama, raised by a single mother in a humble background, faced significant hurdles during his transition from primary to secondary school. He resorted to unconventional fundraising methods, seeking support from public offices and well-wishers to cover his basic needs and tuition costs. Despite his remarkable performance, his future remained uncertain for a prolonged period, exposing him to the struggles faced by countless households in educating their children.

Tragically, after losing his mother, Katama encountered similar challenges during his transition from secondary to tertiary education. His initial scholarship was terminated due to funding shortages on the sponsor’s account, leaving him in a state of uncertainty once again.

Beatrice shares a parallel story, witnessing her parents’ struggle to provide education for her and her four siblings. The recurring expenses often forced them to miss days of school as their parents sought tuition fees and other necessities.

Working as a social worker in the community, Beatrice encountered children facing even more dire circumstances. She witnessed firsthand the unpreparedness of many parents when it came to addressing the financial burden of education. Limited scholarships, bursaries, and well-wishers were their only hopes, mirroring Katama’s experience. The reality of low-income households struggling to meet basic needs while facing the daunting costs of education became all too familiar.

These collective experiences motivated Katama and Beatrice to establish Impertimus Education Investment (IEI).

Together, they embarked on a mission to empower families to plan for their children’s education, breaking the cycle of uncertainty and limited opportunities.

With a deep understanding of the struggles faced by Kenyan families, Impertimus Education Investment aims to bridge the gap by providing accessible financial instruments tailored to the needs of low-income parents. By doing so, they hope to uplift student morale, enhance academic performance, and open doors to brighter future prospects.

The founders’ personal journey and commitment to transforming education have become the driving force behind Impertimus. Their dedication to creating sustainable solutions ensures that every child, regardless of their economic background, has an equal opportunity to receive a quality education and unlock their full potential.

Together, Katama and Beatrice inspire change, spearheading an education revolution that empowers families and paves the way for a brighter future for all.

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