Host #Read for Food challenge in your community

We are so excited to see how the #READ4FOODCHALLENGE unfold.

One book at a time, creating reading moments, Building reading culture

This year, Impertimus we are a small a number to reach more children with #READ4FOOD Challenge  in the community.

we are inviting partners (Individuals, groups, CBOs, NGOS, Churches) to adopt #Read4Food challenge in their community to promote reading culture.

In a simplified way, you can choose your own reward apart from food.


  1. Identify children in class 3, 4,5, 6 in your community
  2. 5 to 10 children per challenge
  3. Any award is acceptable.
  4. Ensure the children can access smartphone to read the African storybooks at home.
  5. As way of celebrating the impact with Impertimus, share photos of children reading, participating in the challenge and a group photo with children and their awards.

Would you like to be part of this year #READ4FOOD Challenge?

Give us a call on 0721694173

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