Why is the Education Revolving Fund Repayable?

What is the Education Revolving Fund

It is a sustainable Tuition fund pool that is accessible to parents throughout the education lifetime of the child in secondary school offered by Impertimus. The parents access the funds as a #zerointerest school fees loan paid to school at the beginning of term or academy year keeping children in school, covering 80% of the tuition cost with a repayment period of 6 months. Upon repayment the parent can access it again to cover the subsequent academic years of the child. This enable access, retention and school completion.

Why is the Education Revolving Fund repayable?

1.   Parents mostly receive donation or well-wisher contribution to cover school fees for academic term or a year for their children. However, parents are left stranded, struggling to cover the next term or academy year education costs if they don’t receive another donation or contribution. The Education Revolving Fund being repayable, ensures that the parent can access it again for subsequent term or academy year ensuring a child stay in school.

  1. Most parents pay school fees in installments despite their financial challenges to keep their children in school according to their irregular income flow. However, school administration require full school fees paid at the beginning of the term, leaving most of their children #outofschool for 3 to 14 days interrupting their learning process and academic pursuit. The Education Revolving Fund is there to bridge this gap, helping the parent meet school fees cost at the beginning of the term, ensuring a #childstaysinschool and paying it back according to his or her income flow. The Education Revolving Fund enhances the ability of parent to meet the education cost and keeping children in school.
  1. The Education Revolving Fund is a collaborationbetween donors and parents.

 It #appreciates#encourage and helps parents carry out their obligation of educating their children with ease each academic term or year. 

The fund #appreciates and make the donation and contribution from donors and well-wisher #sustainable not just to meet one term or academic year but creates #multiple impact as it is recycled when the parent pays back and access it again to meet the education cost through the education journey of 4 years of his or her children who are in secondary school.

  1. The Education Revolving Fund has a #partialscholarshipcomponent to support children in school as well as enhancing further the #parentsability to #meettheeducationcost by reducing the amount a parent pays back to the Education Revolving Fund keeping children in school.

Through the Education Revolving Fund, Impertimus makes it easy for people like you to #find#support and contribute to children and their families by providing fund to meet the education cost. As a donor, you get the possibility to #allowyourmoney to create #socialimpact and do good in the lives of the children.

Our end goal is; a child joins school, #staysinschool and reach their full #potential.

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